Corfu Match 2022: Info to Competitors

Corfu Match 2022: Info to Competitors

Corfu Sailing Club

Corfu Sailing Club is located inside the Old Fortress of the City of Corfu. Situated in the center of the city.


The closest airport to the venue is Corfu International airport. There are several charter flights arriving directly to Corfu.
Alternatively, you can travel to Athens International airport and get a connection flight to Corfu. There are 3-4 flights daily from Athens to Corfu.
Ferries from Ancona, Bari and Trieste arrive to Corfu every day.
Finally, if you arrive by car you need to get to Igoumenitsa form where you can take the Ferry to Corfu. The duration of the trip is around 1:30 – 1:40 hours and there are several ferries during every day.
The Ionian Highway connects Igoumenitsa to Patras and Athens and the Egnatia Highway connects Igoumenitsa to Thessaloniki and all the Balkan countries.


There are several hotels near the Sailing Club. You can find them on Booking looking in the area close to the Old Fortress of Corfu.
Alternatively, the center of the city is full with Airbnb apartments that can suit your accommodation needs.


The OA will provide for your transportation to and from the airport or the port (depending on where you will arrive) to your accommodation. In case you need transportation daily to and from the yacht club, the OA will also provide you one.

Lunch Boxes

Each day lunch boxes will be provided to each competitor.

Social event

On Saturday night you are invited at the official event dinner offered by Corfu Sailing Club which will take place at the sailing club premises.
Further details about other socials events will be provided with the invitation letter.
The OA will acknowledge your invitation request as soon as possible, by email.

For any further information please contact: